Magic in Bathsheba

///Magic in Bathsheba

Magic in Bathsheba

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Bathsheba, wife of King David, bathed in milk to keep her skin beautiful and soft. And, legend also has it that waters of the village of Bathsheba, rich in minerals and life, is said to resemble Bathsheba’s bath. I didn’t have much time to bathe in the surf covered white waters of Bathsheba but I can say without a doubt that the place certainly magical.

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In reality Bathsheba is a just a fishing village in Barbados.This is the rugged east coast of Barbados,where the ocean goes completely wild.

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Surfer’s paradise..And of course my own picture taking heaven:)


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    I especially like the house on the rock!

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    I can’t get over how blue the sky and ocean is! Love!

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  4. Colors were the biggest impression for me too 🙂

  5. Looks like a beautiful spot for a holiday. Love that hat! xoxo

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