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Croatia Shopping Diaries

International sopping is my favorite part of travelling.My target items are always the special and unique things locally made.
Croatia’s ideal climate and good soil makes it one of the largest producers of lavender in the world. Croatia is also a great place to shop all-natural skincare products,made of local herbs.

The most popular souvenir from Croatia is probably the a fragrant bag – “Lavandula Croatica” , you can find those little bags on each corner,as well as lavender plants, they simply grow like grass in every city and village!

There are so many uses for lavender, oil or fragrant bag, that it was my ”buy all you can fit in the luggage” item!

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And lavender oil
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On local markets you can find varieties of olive oils, with green and black pepper, rosemary or other spices

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As well as local honey, the best buy! My favorite is the chestnut honey.

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