Costa Rica is a destination that has something for every traveler

With tropical beaches, one-of-a-kind natural reserves, spectacular white-water rafting and plenty of volcanoes, Costa Rica is a destination that can please every traveler.

With tropical beaches, scenic white-water rafting, and lush forests, Costa Rica is a destination that can please every traveler.

Vacation in Costa Rica is a safe and adventurous bliss

Everything about Costa Rica is beautiful: its scenery, perfect climate, people, accommodations, safety. 

Costa Rica has been revolution-free since the 50s, and thanks to its modern democratic government, no air force or navy, it’s the safest place in Central or South America. 

But wait, there are more bonuses :

-you can drink water right out of the faucet

-have no consequences eating the local street food however adventurous you want to go about it

Costa Rica is the Ultimate sustainable travel destination

It’s one of the most environmentally-friendly countries in the world, setting high standards for sustainable farming and sustainability before it was cool 

The Monteverde Cloud Forest – a Disneyland for eco-tourism and bird watchers.  Cloud Forest Reserve is perhaps the world’s best example of one of its rarest ecosystems. Monteverde Cloud forest in Costa Rica has a mysterious, breathtakingly beautiful, and utterly distinct landscape and an ecosystem of extraordinary variety.

Costa Rica has the largest number of these hanging suspension bridges in the world. Costa Rica’s national parks have many of these hanging bridges included among their tourist attractions. The stunning wildlife is often best appreciated from the views that these bridges offer. Selvatura Park in Monteverde is the most well-known spot to experience such marvel.

When is the best time to travel to Costa Rica

Costa Rica’s high tourist season runs from December through April. Even the most basic accommodations can become limited (and way more pricey), and tours generally sell out.

Embrace ‘Pura Vida’ :Sustainable Travel in Costa Rica

Sustainable Travel in Costa Rica Costa Rica is one of the world’s richest biodiversity hotspots. It teems with wildlife and a rich variety of plant life. Many eco-tourists and eco-travelers come here each year to explore. But how can we travel to and experience this wonderful country without destroying the very things we travel here to see? To help you…

Costa Rica Coffee Farm : My Travel Experience

The best Costa Rican coffee comes from plantations in the Central Valley, from Monteverde to San José. There are many family-owned coffee farms in this region, producing high-quality coffee with unique flavor profiles. Costa Rican coffee is the superior Arabica variety. While the unique microclimate on each farm affects the coffee’s specific flavor, Costa Rican coffees tend to be round and balanced, with notes of citrus, tropical fruits, and apricot, and a hint of brown sugar sweetness.

My Experience :Sustainable Farming in Costa Rica

I was lucky to spend a few days living at a real sustainable farm in Monteverde , ran by a 60 year old Hermida and a few volunteers and have a real sustainable farming experience. Hermida is one of the most amazing strong willed women I have ever met , she shared her “sustainability secrets” with me . This blog…

Horseback Riding Through The Clouds : Costa Rica Cloud Forest Experience

Most tourist destinations offer horseback riding tours. While these kinds of tours are often premium packages in other countries, where you might pay $100 for an hour of slowly walking down the beach, these tours in Costa Rica are affordable and offer a wide variety of experiences.

Monteverde has especially great horseback riding tours. It’s always lush and green, and the average temperature is 64 degrees year-round: perfect weather for a ride. This national park tour will let you see the jungle at its most wild, as well as the unique coffee plantations.

Costa Rica Hanging Bridges : A Day in Selvatura Park, Monteverde

Selvatura Park is famous for its hanging bridges. They may be the best in the entire country, and that’s saying something when you’re talking about the Costa Rica, which is known for them.
The park is in the Monteverde region of Costa Rica, about ten minutes north of Santa Elena. You should expect to spend about two hours in the park.There are several tours available: ziplining for the adventurous; herpetarium, butterfly garden, insect garden, and hummingbird garden tours.

Monteverde Cloud Forest :The Best Place to Visit in Costa Rica

Monteverde Cloud Forest – a natural wonder . The United States and Canada are home to approximately 1,000 tree species. One 26,000-acre patch of Costa Rica hosts more than 750. The Monteverde (“Green Mountain”) Cloud Forest Reserve is perhaps the world’s best example of one of its rarest ecosystems. As the elevation rises above 4,500 feet, the forest reaches up…

5 Best Things To Do In Monteverde, Costa Rica

With a size comparable to Lake Michigan, Costa Rica might be small, but words like paradise or fairyland are the only ones that can describe it well , Monteverde Costa Rica is probably the prettiest area . The density of biodiversity here is highest on the planet compared to any country, 200 volcanic formations are mindblowing and epic adventures here…