If you don’t feel like conquering a mountain , or just need to warm up adventure before a serious hike or to get used to the altitude , Calypso falls is a perfect stroll . It’s known as one of the easiest hikes in Rocky Mountain Park .

Honestly , the most difficult part of the adventure was finding The Wild Basin Park Entrance Station, which is 12.5 miles south of Estes Park on Highway 7.The sign is so small and so easy to mis , we drove past it several times and almost gave up ! At the Wild Basin Trailhead, there is ample parking, a ranger station, and restrooms.

On this tranquil 2.7 mile hike we passed by three waterfalls and countless smaller cascades , the entire trail is shaded , and has many break / picnic spots with the views.

There is a more moderate climb to Ouzel Falls (2.7 miles , 9,366′) through lodgepole, spruce, and fir leads and a bridge .There are trails from both sides of the bridge that will get you to closer views of the falls , but getting too close is not recommended , the terrain is too slick and uneven , slipping in can cause unpleasant accidents .

Aspen , bristlecone pine,Colorado blue spruce, grass and wildflowers combined with refreshing crispy mountain air and and the views of Longs Peak and the northern Wild Basin Area.

You can hear the waterfall sounds upon approaching the 200-foot tall cascades.Calypso Cascades, but once you actually get there, you can’t see it because of the dense woods on both side. Your first hint of the cascade is a small bridge at that hops over an un-named waterfall. Once you pass that bridge there will be a larger Calypso Cascades bridge , this is where the perfect spot for viewing the cascades is .

The trail starts at about 8,500 feet and is a gradual climb.

Remember to bring water , even though this hike is one of the most uncomplicated in the Rocky Mountains national park , the sun is brutal and the air is thin .

There are a lot of slippery spots so , make sure you bring proper shoes too !

Dogs are not allowed on the trail .