Beyond the Coast :Krka National Park

//Beyond the Coast :Krka National Park

Beyond the Coast :Krka National Park

When I wrote in the previous post that Croatia is a perfect touristic destination,I was relating to the variety of things you can experience in such a small country, its sea landscapes and mountains are magnificent but there are many things to explore beyond the Dalmatian coast – only 3 hours away from it lays a magical Krka National Park.This is where we took a day trip.


The park consists of  lakes waterfalls and rapids of the river Krka towards the Adriatic and is one of the must see things in Croatia. Most tourists usually chose between the two parks – Krka and Plitvitze, preferring the breathtaking views of the Plitvize Lakes. I don’t believe you can really compare those two, not only the geology is different but also the emotions and the atmosphere in each of those parks. Swimming is prohibited in Plitvize, but in some areas of Krka park you can spend a hot day enjoying the cool water and stunning waterfall views.




Mediterranean Flower
Mellow afternoon in Makarska Old Town
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