Suzdal Treasures Part I.

//Suzdal Treasures Part I.

Suzdal Treasures Part I.

Never thought I would be adding a post about Russia, my motherland, into a Travel category? Living far from home made me realize how great and plentiful Russia is when it comes to history,traditions and culture (not only that,of course!) I regret not travelling enough while I lived in Russia, taking for granted all the magnificent and stunning places that were around me for the biggest part of my life.

Once I went back to visit my parents, there were no doubts I would act like an out-and-out tourist, and regard Russian reality as if I’ve never seen it before.

IMG_5116suzdal (8)suzdal (6)


Family duties took the biggest part of my time at home, but I still found a couple of days to see the great historic cities…like Suzdal..

IMG_5037suzdal (9)


The city of White Monuments, tens of centuries old, I couldn’t make a long enough post to describe the historical significance of this place, and you can easily find all the information here.

I will just say that it is a perfect place to get back in time, you can hardly find any pieces of modern architecture. This city museum is a true reserve of old architecture and tradition.




The only way to get to the city is by bus or car, and if you are staying in Moscow it’s only a 2-3 hours drive.




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