Saint Lucia : Pitons, Markets and Breathtaking Views

///Saint Lucia : Pitons, Markets and Breathtaking Views

Saint Lucia : Pitons, Markets and Breathtaking Views

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Continuing our island hopping journey we got to Saint Lucia,a tiny island in the eastern Caribbean,which is said to resemble either a mango or an avocado (depending on your taste).



The genuine nature of the island,with its unspoiled rainforest,exotic flowers,took my heart!The contrasting bright colours of the houses made the landscapes look even more like a perfect picture.

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The majestic Piton Mountains,are the two volcanic plugs(speaking about volcanos, make sure you check out the tomorrow’s post)- Gros Piton and Petit Piton (Big Piton- 786 m (2619 ft) and Small Piton)Loved by the hikers and mountain climbers and are definitely most photographed thing – you can’t but notice them,from almost any spot of the island.

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The Pitons are also the signature landmark of the island: you can find shops, all kinds of souvenirs and even beer named Piton!

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We truly enjoyed the walk around Castries, exploring little markets, streets, bakery  and real life of the island.

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  1. markd60 at

    St Lucia looks like one of the most beautiful islands. Cayman (where I live) is like any big southern Florida city by comparison.
    Aren’t those little bananas the best?!?!

  2. It looks so beautiful there! I’ve never been to any of the islands, but just looking at these pics makes me want to pack up and go now (and get away from this snow)!

  3. Thank you! I have never been on any of them before so needless to say I have tons and tons of impressions I’d love to share:)

  4. You know, ” any big southern Florida city” would work for me, live in KC :):)

  5. If u have time… Check out St. Vincent my home of origin… Beautiful island.

  6. Loved your blog!

  7. […] Saint Lucia impressed us not only with it’s picturesque and breathtaking views; it also turned out to be a natural spa destination : […]

  8. Rock at

    Your correct, breath taking views!

  9. And think about all the health benefits!!

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