Saint John : One Day in a Paradise


The first day in the Caribbean paradise,a day in Virgin Islands that left so many emotions that I absolutely cannot find right words to describe it.My photos will though đŸ™‚ I couldn’t but take a ”jumping” picture at the beach ( who doesn’t have one?!)


To escape the heavy touristic traffic (Saint Thomas is one of the busiest ports in the Caribbean) we took a ferry to Saint John. Passenger ferries depart Saint Thomas from Red Hook and from Charlotte Amalie,we took the one from the Red Hook,it looked more convenient with the hourly service from 6am till midnight for only 6$ and in 20 minutes we were on another island!


About 60% of St.John’s land area is a national park, well you can see that đŸ™‚


Desperately seeking Camille Pissarro!
In the mountains
  1. Rock

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