Luna Jaguar Spa is one of the most pristine and polished spa experiences Honduras has to offer .If you’re visiting Copan, these eco spas are certainly a can’t miss attraction that will relax you and impress you all at once. Don’t mind the 1.5 hrs bumpy ride , because however difficult it is to get to it is absolutely worth it . Just look at these pictures !

This natural “eco-spa” was built with Mayan influenced architecture by the Italians. The trips are self-guided and the grounds are kept in impeccable conditions. You’ll be able to choose from the many pools to determine what temperatures you prefer.

Although the ride was very “interesting” and probably one of the bumpiest I have experienced in Central America , as you will drive by residential areas and corn and coffee farms, which can give a glimpse into every day Honduran lifestyles. The spa is located on a beautiful natural mountainside that is accessed by a suspension bridge over a rushing river. The area is volcanic, which is where the geothermal heat comes from to heat the springs. The upper springs are too hot to touch, since they are just below boiling, but they mix with cooler river water down below, which is where the water becomes the ideal temperature for relaxing in a spa-like conditions. The build of the spas can’t be described outside of actual pictures, but just know that it is a paradise with perfect craftsmanship and incredible natural beauty. Everyone who visits the springs mention feeling refreshed, energized, and relaxed after visiting the natural spas.

The best things about Luna Jaguar :

1 – Awesome landscape designs and architecture , you can really tell the owner has a perfect taste and the place was designed to bring the mayan architecture to life and connect it with nature

2 – Not so crowded . Sure , there are people , Luna Jaguar is popular among the locals as well as tourists . But somehow , with the smart layout , the crowds spread and you really get a chance to feel as if it’s just you and the jungle !

3 – Amenities . Being located in a third world country and far away from even a decent road , the place has all you need , and is not really as wild : there is a pretty clean restaurant , bathrooms , spa .

The worst things about Luna Jaguar :

The drive . Not only it is super uncomfortable and bumpy , you can’t even get there unless you hire a driver or take a shuttle ..

The spa has many amenities included, such as foot massages, mud baths, cold water baths, steam baths, natural hot springs (too hot to touch, but incredible to see), thermal pools, hiking paths, natural jacuzzis, hydro-massages, and spiritual guidance. Luna Jaguar Spa hydro-massage is a phenomenal experience , with a stream that rolls over a ledge and onto you, which can help to massage your muscle tension away. 

How to get there: From Copan you can only reach the spa by car or shuttle, and the road to get there is very rough. It’s 20 kilometers from Copan.

Hours: open each day 9am – 6:30pm

Pricing: Prices are cheaper in the morning, being 200 Lps. from 9am to 1 pm, after that it’s 240 Lps., and 300 Lps. from 5pm to 9pm. Additional services are available for additional charges, such as a complete massage that will cost you 500 Lps. For 30 minutes, camp sites available from 150 Lps. per person, and transport to and from for 200 Lps. that occur from 1-6:30pm each day. Dinner and lunch are available for 150 Lps.