Beyond Stunning. Plitvice Lakes Part I


Most idyllic place on Earth? Most beautiful waterfalls in the world? Most spectacular national park? I could find so many synonyms of stunning and beautiful in my head but I think the word “most” is the best description for Plitvice Lakes National Park. It has never been among my ”must visit places in the world”  and I don’t even know why! So many times I have seen photos of the impressive landscapes of this park and was ALWAYS sure it looks too good to be real and probably involved a lot of photoshop :) After seing this Mother Nature’s masterpiece with my own eyes I know that no Photoshop can create the landscape that exists there. I swear it doesn’t look like real world’s nature.



They say you should always have an umbrella with you if you travel to the park. The lakes cross a large elevation gradient, with the highest lake at about 4,000 feet (1,280m) and the lowest at about 1,200 feet (380m) and the weather is unpredictable and may change several times a day.


I don’t think one needs a guide to explore the park, the paths and sightseeing programs are very understandable,and well, the nature speaks for itself, you don’t need a guide to tell you to look around at this beauty and admire it! :)






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